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Friday, July 23, 2010

Know of anyone?

Hello Everybody!

My husband and I are trying to find a woman who is unable to care for her baby for some reason. We want to do a private adoption.We are seeking an unborn child, or a newborn. We can offer the child so much!!! Do you know of anyone who is in this position?
if so, please reply

Thank you and May God Bless You!


  1. I don't know of anyone, but it's a kind and thoughtful plea. Goodluck.

    Monique (StickerLady)
    Blog me up baby - swapbot

  2. This is an amazing thing that you and you're husband are doing, I wish you all the luck in the world!!!

    Craftymom85- Blog me up baby (swapbot)

  3. Good luck with your search.

    Blog me up baby

  4. Best Wishes to you both!


    AKA PaintMyselfPretty/ Blog Me Up Baby/Swap-bot

  5. Oh you can do a thing like that? I haven't heard about thing like private adoption before!
    Good luck!
    Our family has adopted a boy and my boyfriend has been adopted as a child, so I really know how important thing you're doing!
    It's hard ja frustrateing sometimes, but worth it!

    Be strong and good luck!
    Anni (jekkuanni at swap-bot)

  6. It is very thoughtful of you and your husband. All the best!

    mag @ swapbot
    blog me up baby

  7. wishing you all the best with your search.

    faizazarin from swap-bot

  8. What a noble thing to do! Hoping your dream comes true very very soon! =)

  9. Children are wonderful blessings, and I hope you are able to find a way to add to your family... perhaps a few more little feet running around than just the fur babies?!?! :) Best of luck to you...

    (beth619 stopping in from Swap-Bot to say "hello!")

  10. From an adoptee myself thank you. It's a long journey but the end result is so wonderful.

    ElizabethMD from swapbot

  11. Good luck with the search! I'm sure that child would be very lucky to have you as a mom! Cheers!

    happyrocketfingers from swapbot

  12. Good luck and may the end result exceed your expectations.
    A&J (Alexandra and Julia) Swap-bot